1867 – 2017…historical sailing club with 150 year anniversary

Registration is open for the 22er Binnenjolle European Championship to be held at Balatonfüred Yacht Club in Balatonfüred, Hungary, from 19-23 August, 2017.

NOR and Registration form can be found here:

NOR – 22er Binnenjolle EC NOR

Registration form: 22er Binnenjolle EC Entry form

Please send back to byc@byc.hu

Entry list (be in progress)

Sail number Nationality Helmsman Paid
1. J 526 GER Rybaskowski OK
2. J 35 AUT Ainetter OK
3. J 258 GER Fiedler OK
4. J OE 12 AUT Poell OK
5. J 287 GER Jacob OK
 6. J 488 GER Geissler OK
 7. J 372 GER Wichelhaus OK
8. I 146 AUT Poell OK


The enthusiastic, this year 150-year old Balatonfüredi Yacht Club as host is excited to look forward to the 22er Binnenjolle European Championship to be held in Hungary between 19-23 August, 2017. 6 course races and one long distance race are scheduled during the 4 racing days.

Founded in 1867, the Balatonfüredi Yacht Club (BYC) was the first sailing club in Hungary, also one of the oldest sailing clubs in Europe and continues to be the most successful and prestigious sailing club in Hungary. Located right in the centre of Balatonfüred it functions as an integral part and continuation of the unique classical-style Tagore-promenade along the waterfront of Lake Balaton. The club plays a key role in the youth development and talent management, and disposes over and internationally experienced professional staff.