Light wind but fantastic mood at the Rooster Laser Europa Cup & BYC CUP

Not much wind, not much race, but after a very cheerful three days the Rooster Laser Europa Cup & BYC Cup has ended. 132 sailors from 12 countries of the world took part in this Europe-wide Laser Cup series, organized by the in this year’s 150-year old Balatonfüred Yacht Club and the Hungarian Sailing Association. At the same time, on two other courses the BYC Cup Youth Ranking competition was also organized with 132 Optimists, 7 units of 29ers and 14 units of 420 participants.

At the opening ceremony András Holczhauser General Secretary of the Hungarian Sailing Association and Jack Davies, Rooster Sales Manager, welcomed the participants. After the presentation of the international jury team and race leaders, Eric Mehlbaum – jury president – kept his greeting speech.

The predicted warm front with 23-25 degrees arrived with no wind at the first day, so the more than 300 sailors of the two regattas were no other chance even enjoy the hospitality of the 150-year old Balatonfüredi Yacht Club and eat up all the ice-cream and fruits. The organizing committee decided to continue the regatta in the next morning.

After a half-day waiting on the shore, the second day of the Rooster Laser Europe Cup & BYC Cup Youth Ranking contest continued with successful races. In the early hours of the afternoon, the Laser, Optimist and the crew of the 420 and 29er sailors left the port in a pleasant 6 -7 knots wind.

On the Alpha course the 122 Optimist competitors were racing in blue and yellow colored groups. After the competitors arrived to the course, the northeast wind stopped, so the race started with postponement. After a fourtyfive minutes of wait, a stable 13 to 14 knots of fresh wind came in from 200 to 220 degrees, in which 2-2 excellent races were held by Daniel Holló and his race committie. Because of the early sunset, there was no chance to continue the competiton. Based on two races hungarian racers dominated the competition.

In the Bravo competition area, Laser Europe Cup Lasers have been competing in Laser 4.7, Laser Radial and Laser Standard categories, and the race leader was Júlia Dávid. The 8-9 knots wind stopped in the afternoon, that’s why after the great start of the Radial, Standard boat classes, the race organizing committiee ordered the postponement for the 4.7 group. We ran out of time, so the 4.7 boatclass had no chance to completing the second race. We closed the day with a great second race of the Standard boat class, and with 1-1 race of the Radial and 4.7 competitors.

In a Charlie area, 420 and 29er units competed under the leadership of Csilla Igali. This time, an afternoon begins with a postponement, after the 6 to 7 knots of wind stopped.  With the expected strengthening wind, two races were completed for both teams.

The units carried out a very good 2-2 race with very disciplined sailing: the 29er boat class with a 35 minutes and the 420 class with 50-55 minutes race time.

After the races pasta party, magician show and a grand Rooster Hungary birthday cake were waiting for the competitors.

On the final day of the regatta the first warning signal was planned to be at 9 o’clock, but because the lack of wind the organizing committee decided to wait on shore some hours. Finally at half past 10 all the sailors of the 3 race courses left the harbour in east 5-6 knots,  in hope of some successful races. The wind unfortunately lasted not so long: the yellow group of the optimist sailors made a nice start for their 3rd race but they was not able to continue as the wind disappeared. And this also vacated to start any other races for the other group. After a long on-water postponement races were finished.

On the Laser course because of the unsuitable wind for racing and considering the international regulations the organizing committee decided to make no more races.

On the race course Charlie, the 420 and 49er teams had even no luck to have any races on the last day.

So final results have been finalized according to race day 2 results as follows:


During the prize giving ceremony all the placements were given the150 year old Balatonfüredi Yacht Club special prizes and high value Rooster sailing product.

Congratulations for all the sailors, coaches and hope to see you next year and the next event of Laser Europa Cup in Balatonfüred, Hungary.