Our History

YachtEgylet CIMLAPThe Balatonfüredi Yacht Club (BYC) was the first sailing club in Hungary, also one of the oldest sailing clubs in Europe and continues to be the most successful and prestigious sailing club in the country.

Located right in the centre of Balatonfüred it functions as an integral part and continuation of the unique classical-style Tagore-promenade along the waterfront of Lake Balaton. The club plays a key role in the youth development and talent management, and disposes over and internationally experienced professional staff.

The Club is significantly involved in sports diplomatic activities, some of its members participate in the management of international sailing organizations, while others work in the European Sailing Federation, and in the Management Team, as well as the Committees and Class Associations of the Hungarian Yachting Association.

The Club employs young coaches and continuously helps them in professional development. The youth training programme of BYC is among the bests in the country, and they also achieve significant results abroad as well.