Rooster D-One Gold Cup

Hungarian Success in the Rooster D-One Gold Cup

Today has ended the Gold Cup of D-ONE boatclass in Balatonfüred which was arranged by  D-ONE Sailing Sports Club and Balatonfüredi Yacht Club.

The championship lasted for four days and during this time 20 competitors from 5 countries raced  to be the best. The final results were formed after 8 races.

Lake Balaton was really at its mettle: the weather showed all of its face.

As for the results,  the Hungarian sportsmen reached an overwhelming succes. Tomai Balázs from Balatoni Yacht Club finished first, so now he’s not only got the European Champion title but he is  also the World Champion.  Szamódy Tamás who came in third at last year European Championship, won silver medal. He is member of Balatonfüredi Yacht Club.  Giles Chipperfield from Great Britain bacame third, and David Gorringe also from Great Britain finished on the fifth place. Marek Bachtik  from the Czech Republic became the sixth and Nick Crickmore  from England the seventh.


Special awards were given to the racers of the Masters category: Nick Crickmore  became the Masters World Champion while Chris Sallis (GBR) became the second and Marek Bachtik the third in this category.


Detailed results:

Final results

Congratulations to the sailors!


And now we ask Csoltó Ákos, President of D-ONE Sailing Sport Club how he found the past  five days:

„I think the pictures and the competitors’ faces reveal everything. At last we could experience all wonderful variations of Lake Balaton weather during the past five days. On the day of the trial run we had a storm with a hail, All who were on the water overturned at least once.

On the firs day we had puffy, changing, really challenging 25 knots north wind. On  the second day we had 15 – 20 knots blown-out wind with some scattered sunshine. On Saturday the wind was lighter but from at least three directions with bright sparkling sunshine which we call „magazine weather”. The last race on the last day was run among really wonderful weather conditions.


The people I spoke to all were amazed by the place, the organizers and by the club – apart from their results. They could sail eight perfect races on perfect courses during these four days. There were longer courses with 2 circles and shorter ones with 3 circles. There were some people who spent 3 hours, there were some racers who spent 7 hours on the  water. The competitors had some easy to sail days, but they also  had some difficult, challenging days. Respect to Fluck Benedek chief organizer, who organized these 8 races on a really high world level. On the lakeshore I could only see smiling, happy people, no matter wether they just washed their sails from the mud or had their rudder laminated,  or had their hamburger on the terrace in the sunset, took over their awards during the gala dinner or clapped the success of their mates… I think they will bring Lake Balaton a good reputation.

And as for the results. From our point of view they are uniquie. Tomai Balázs  world champion and Szamódy Tamás the second! WONDERFUL, UNBELIEVEABLE!

And at last we want to thank Rooster Hungary for supporting us which enabled us to present the competitors with valuable gifts. We want to thank the Ivanics Group for their being present at the championship, With their support the contestants could try new Volvo cars and the winners will be able to testdrive some really special Volvo models. Furthermore we are grateful for the valuable gift baskets. And a really great THANK to the Balatonfüred Yacht Club together with all its workers down on the lakeshore, out on the water and up in the offices. Without them this event couldn’t have been as perfect as it was. They were looking for runaway competitors in the darkness, rescued boats in trouble, edited photos and wrote reports till late at night when these were needed. They did their very best. I dare say we arranged our best world champonship of the recent years.


Thank vou all for taking part and congratulations to your results.

„Sailing is my passion, I can’t get enough of it.I’m addicted to it! When I stopped sailing the Finn, and let the young ones take my place over, I decided to build a new boat class for myself and for my friends of different build, weight and ages in order to be able to continue sailing in a comfortable  but challenging way. I wanted to keep the best qualities of the Finn but I  wanted to add some extra as well.”

Luca Devoti

About the boat:

This single person dingi, which was tested by the olympic silver-winner Luca Devoti, designed by Phil Morrison and was built in Devoti’ s Italy located workshop under the control of Roman Teply, debuted in international races in 2010.

This carbon sailboat can easily be transported on a car, it weighs 75 kg,. It combines the basic qualities of skiffs and dingis with an extra equipped 13,2m2 gennakker in case of strong wind added to the 11m2 mainsail. The boat can be made suitable for people weighing 55-75 kg and 75-115kg.

Though the market of one-handed dingis is extended, stronger built people over 90 kg can hardly find suitable boat, and the most succesful boats of the category are those with trapezes. When started developing and 7 prototypes later created his D-ONE one-handed in 2008 Devoti wanted to satisfy the requirements of those stronger build yachtsmen who did not necesarilly insisted on the trapeze..

Among several novelties of the boat it’s worth mentioning the free standing mast which contributes to equip it easily and fast. The designer  focused special attention on the placement and form of the outgoing wings in order  to make them more comfortable to sit on and  to enable the crew to change position to the other side of the boat during maneuvering.

The boat is easy to steeer and just like the Finns  it’s enjoyable to sail in any weather and season. Furthermore in case of downwind it can achieve a speed as fast as 16 knots..

Photos: Dávid Farkas

For more photos please click HERE.



On the second day of the Rooster D-One Gold Cup because of the strong wind 1 hour long postponement was launched. At twelve o’clock we could welcome all the competitors at the starting line and finally in 13-16 knots, shifty wind the course was done in 50 minutes. This first race was led by the last year European Champion, Balazs Tomai HUN, second Chris Sallis from England, third Tamas Szamody (HUN).


During the second race, the difficult situatuion of the sailors and the organizing team was led by the 12-13 knots wind with 19 knots shifts, turning into 335 degrees. This race was done by 18 boats. The two Hungarian sailors – Tomai and Szamody – hit the top in a row, followed by Martin Browne (GBR).


Tomorrow the race will start at 11am, proposed 3 races.

D-One results after 4 races

Photos can be found HERE.

On ground, on WATER, on air – the Rooster Devoti One World Championship has been launched

The race participants experienced a day with full of bathing today. They have arrived, it has begun… the World Championship of the Devoti One class started today and lasts until Sunday in Balatonfüred, organized by the Hungarian D-One Sailing Association and by the Balatonfüredi Yacht Club.


20 participants from 5 different countries fight for the World Championship on the 4-days regatta. We can cheer for five Hungarians, including the reigning European Champion, Balázs Tomai, and for the 3rd place of the European Championship, Tamás Szamódy. There are sailors from Great Britain, from the Czech Republic, from Poland and from Austria besides the Hungarians.


On the first day after the morning registration and opening ceremony, the start of the first race was postponed from 11am. The constantly changing wind conditions forced some participants to stay onshore, they decided that it is better to watch the race from the balcony of the club house.

In the first 50-minute race, 9 out of the 16 boats reached the finish line before the time ran out. They experienced 15-20 knots wind during the race. The start of the second race was also a bit later than planned and in the increasing 18-20 knots wind only 13 boats finished out of the 14 that started after the 45 minute race.


After two legs, the race is led by the European Championship 3rd, Tamás Szamódy, he’s followed by the British sailors, David Gorringe and Giles Chipperfield on the 2nd and 3rd place.

Full details:

D-One results after 2 legs

Tomorrow the race continues with a start at 11am!

More pictures HERE.

Photos: David Farkas

List of entires

1. HUN 767  D-One VSE Gyula Gemesi
 2. HUN 119   Balatoni Yacht Club Balázs Tomai
 3.  D-One VSE  Levente Rövid
4. GBR 411 Lymington Town S.C. Giles Chipperfield
5. HUN 10 Balatonfuredi Yacht Club Tamas Szamody
6. HUN 122 D-One VSE Geza Matyasovszki
7. AUT 21 YES Gerald Hurban
8. GBR48 Great Yarmouth & Gorleston Nick Favell
9. GBR08 Waveney & Oulton Broad Nick Crickmore
10. GBR410 GYGSC Chris Sallis
11. AUT 16 UYC Wolgangsee Schöfegger Georg
12. CZE 040 YC Cere Marek Bachtik
13. GBR 409 Lymington Town SC. David Gorringe
14. GBR 202 Great Yarmouth and Goleston SC.  Martin Browne
15. AUT 10 UYC Wolfgangsee Matthias Böckl
16. AUT 115 UYC Wolfgangsee Eigenstuhler Toni
17.  CZE 302  Jachtklub Ceska Lipa  Libor Hosek
18. POL 120 UKS Wiking Piotr Machel
19. GBR 21 Grafham Water SC Vanessa Weedon- Jones
20. CZE 47 YC Cere Filip Hosek



Come and win the Rooster Gold Cup of the D-ONE Sailing Series 2017!

The Balatonfüredi Yacht Club (BYC) and D-ONE VSE are honoured to invite you all to Balatonfüred to participate in the Rooster D-ONE GOLD CUP, May 24th-28th 2017. The Regatta will be organized in kind co-operation with the Hungarian D-ONE Class Association and the International D-one Class Association.

The Lake Balaton – the “Hungarian Sea”, Central Europe’s largest lake and one of Hungary’s precious natural reserves – and the City of Balatonfüred, the birthplace of the Hungarian national competitive sailing provide an excellent venue for all D-ONE sailing enthusiasts.

The Balatonfüredi Yacht Club was established in 1867. It celebrates its 150th birthday this year and so it is one of the oldest sport clubs in Europe. During its 150 year history, the Club became highly regarded locally as one of the most successful national sailing associations among the 121 Hungarian clubs. It is also one of the most appreciated club at international level in educating young talents and organizing competitions of 1-2 international and 8-9 national regattas annually.

The 150 years old Balatonfüredi Yacht Club and D-ONE VSE Club now has the honour to invite you to prove your talent in a strong international D-ONE fleet.

Entries will close on May 05, 2017. Please find all necessary details in the Notice of Race which is now ready to download HERE:

Devoti One Gold Cup 2016 BYC_v6_NOR

Entry form is available here:

D-ONE Gold Cup Entry form.

Come and enjoy the wind and amazing atmosphere of Lake Balaton!

For more information please feel free to contact:

Mrs. Anett Fenyofalvi – +36 70 600 4544,