European Sailing Series 2015 – Melges24 Regatta

Időpont: 2015.05.08-10.
Helyszín: Balatonfüred, Hungary
Rendező: BYC, MVM SE
Hajóosztály: Melges 24

Come and enjoy the second event of the Melges24 European Sailing Series 2015 in Hungary, in the city of Balatonfüred

The „Hungarian Sea”, Lake Balaton, Central Europe’s largest lake, which is one of our precious natural resources, and the City of Balatonfüred, the birthplace of the Hungarian national competitive sailing will certainly be excellent venues for Melges24 sailing enthusiasts.Balatonfüredi Yacht Club (BYC) and MVM Sport Club (MVM SE) are honoured to welcome you all in Balatonfüred, between May 8-10, 2015 to participate on Balaton Melges24 Spring Regatta. The Regatta, which will be organized in kind co-operation with the Hungarian Melges24 Class Association and International Melges24 Class Association, will be the second event of European Melges24 Sailing Series 2015!

Balatonfüredi Yacht Club is one of the oldest sport clubs in Europe, established in 1867. The club is one of the most successful national sailing associations among the 121 Hungarian clubs. As for the technical areas, in the education of the young talents and in organizing competitions the Club is on a highly approved international level, with yearly 1-2 international regattas and 8-9 national regattas.

MVM Sport Club (MVM Sportegyesület) was established in 1994 as the sport club of the largest national energy group in Hungary. It has great experiences with Melges24 class: Among others MVM SE has organized the national championships for Melges24 class of the last four years, the very first Melges24 Sailing Series event in 2013, as well as the pre-competition for the Melges24 Europeans 2014. All events were organized in Balatonfüred, on the same waters, where Balaton Melges24 Spring Regatta is going to take place.

Now, the last year renewed 148-year-old sailing club and MVM Sport Club invite you to prove your talent in a strong international Melges24 fleet.

Don’t miss the great opportunity to sail on the racing field of the Melges24 Europeans 2014!

Come to enjoy the 600 square kilometres of water surface, the perfect sailing conditions of Lake Balaton, and take part in the European Sailing Series event in Hungary.

The deadline for entries is April 24, 2015. You can find all the details in the Notice of Race which is now ready for you to download. The on-site registration is scheduled for May 7-8, 2015.

If you’d like to tune-up for the regatta and feel the atmosphere of our beautiful „Hungarian Sea”, let us also provide you a training opportunity on the weekend before the event (between May 1-3, 2015), when Hungarian Melges24-J24 regatta is going to take place. Come and enjoy the wind and amazing atmosphere of Lake Balaton!

For more information please feel free to contact:

Oláh Gabriella